Car Shipping Cost 2021

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How car transport works in the USA?

At times, it might be imperative for you to ship your vehicle between different parts of the country. Perhaps you have bought an automobile online or maybe you are shifting for a new job. You might also like to transport a vehicle to a relative.


Vehicle shipping is not something similar to shipping a package and it will not take place overnight. In the US, deliveries usually come with a 4-week window from when the vehicle is going to be picked up to when it is going to arrive at the destination. Although car shipping is not going to consume that much longer, some vehicle transport companies require some flexibility in case the shipment has to face any problem along the way.

Open carrier vs enclosed vehicle transport

Even though an open or uncovered carrier will be costing you much less while shipping your vehicle, there is a possibility for your car to be exposed to the elements of nature on the way. On the other hand, an enclosed or covered auto transport will provide you with maximum protection although it might prove to be more expensive in the long run. Enclosed carriers are usually used for shipping classic or high-value vehicles out there.


On most occasions, you will be contacted by the car transport company once there is a truck having an open slot which is moving towards your destination. However, you need to pay additional money in case you like to choose an exact date for pickup.


You’ll come across quite a few car transport companies in the US at present, and it can always be tough to identify the better ones. It will be a good idea to go through online reviews which will provide you with a solid idea regarding the competence of any particular company.


Verify your insurance coverage

Make sure to verify the liability insurance coverage of the company in case something happens to your car during shipment. In fact, the majority of the reputable carriers are going to have approximately $50,000 to $100,000 in coverage.


Inspect the car for any damage

Before the vehicle is loaded, the transport company will be performing a comprehensive walk-around of the car. It will look for any dent or scratch and will record all of them. This is quite important in case some component becomes damaged, and you should agree with the report of inspecting the car as well.

How to get a car shipping cost?

It can be a somewhat daunting procedure when it comes to transporting a vehicle cross-country, and it will be a sensible idea to obtain a number of car shipping quotes prior to selecting a company for transporting your vehicle. You need to consider quite a few aspects prior to deciding on the price. One of the most significant factors that will help to figure out the shipping cost will be distance. The subsequent factors are the size as well as the weight of the vehicle. In fact, you need to pay more in case your vehicle is heavier and bigger.


The popularity of the transport route is likewise responsible for figuring out the cost of shipping a vehicle. In case nobody likes to ship cars on any particular route, it will be imperative for you to pay more every mile. On the other hand, if there are quite a few automobiles on any route, the cost of the vehicle shipping quote can become less.


It is possible to obtain vehicle shipping quotes in several ways. The most effective way will be to search for “vehicle shipping quotes” on the Internet. You will come across many companies to select from although only several of them are going to offer instant quotes online. Many of them will require you to provide information for filling out a form, and then they will contact you by email or phone along with the shipping quote.

What is the typical cost to transport a car in the USA?

1. State-to-state

In case you require transporting your vehicle to another state, it will be more sensible to ship all your belongings and fly instead of driving yourself all the way. In such cases, it is imperative to understand how to ship your vehicle. There can be several other reasons for transporting your car apart from moving. For example, in case you are selling the vehicle, bringing it along with you on vacation, and so on.


A number of factors are responsible for figuring out the total car shipping cost to another state, and the average shipping a car cost will be approximately $600 to $1000 for a 4-door sedan and $800 to $1060 for a pickup, small van, or SUV (based on a California to New York shipment). However, you will be spending fewer amounts of cash in case you are shifting during the winter months. Similarly, you’re going to spend somewhat more in case you are shifting during summer.


There are some other factors which will also affect the car shipping cost which is as follows:


• The weight and size of the vehicle

• The distance you’re going to move

• The model and make of the automobile

• At what time of the year you’re transporting

• The transport type chosen by you


2. Per mile

In case you want to transport your vehicle for less than 200 miles, you will be expected to pay approximately $2.9 every mile on average. On the other hand, the cost of shipping a vehicle in excess of 1000 miles is going to be $.7 every mile on average. This implies that it will be more cost-effective in case the vehicles are shipped over long distances. You can make use of a car shipping cost calculator for getting a rough estimate of exactly how much would be required to pay for shipping your vehicle.

Best car transport companies in the USA

You’ll come across dozens of vehicle transport companies in the USA at present. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned the top 5 of them.


1. Ultimate Transport 123

This particular auto transport company will provide you with a hassle-free experience and you will be able to enjoy a painless and easy shipment process. Their professional vehicle shipping consultants work fervently for finding the most effective solutions for every vehicle transported by them across the country. They will be supervising the shipment around-the-clock. Ultimate Transport 123 is not simply a 9 to 5 vehicle transport company, and they will be working on every single day of the year and even for extended hours. Their customer support service is also remarkable and they will be answering all your transportation-related worries promptly and in a friendly manner.


Customer satisfaction is their main objective and they are going to treat your vehicle like their own. Apart from this, they will be charging you after the shipment of the carrier for your order. In this way, they will provide you with a zero upfront payment. It will be possible for you to book your transport without seeing any bill. Moreover, the insurance coverage will be included in your shipping estimate.


2. AmeriFreight Car Shipping

This company operates with the top 5% of in excess of 10,000 carriers for negotiating the best rate on behalf of the shipper and is not going to take into consideration any carrier which has a quality rating of less than 95% for its clients. A lucrative money-back guarantee is provided by AmeriFreight Car Shipping and it will transport almost any kind of motor vehicle from one coast to another. You need not be concerned about damages happening to your vehicle since it will be fully covered by the insurance of the carrier.


According to the company, their prices might vary from approximately $600 to much more than $1000 for transporting a sedan on open transport. One notable thing is that customers will be able to get hold of several discounts for different reasons like for students, members of the Army, as well as seniors.


3. Ship a Car Direct

There is no doubt about the fact that a broker will be the most well-known way for shopping for vehicle shipping services. Nevertheless, it can be quite difficult to assert whether the broker is working for themselves or with you. However, in spite of being a broker service, Ship a Car Direct has earned the faith of numerous customers out there. It can boast of having a stellar satisfaction rating within the country which helps to make it extremely trustworthy and reliable at present.


This company is quite serious regarding its job given that it is going to provide a damage-free guarantee while delivering the car. It also provides insurance which will be applicable for safeguarding your vehicle in the event of any damage or destruction. Apart from this, the innovative Damage Free Guarantee program of the company will help you in paying for any violation which the carrier does not want to cover.


4. Mercury Auto Transport

Mercury Auto Transport can boast of being able to solve all the auto shipping requirements of the customers. This company deals with the most prominent carriers offering the best services in the US. It has got an experienced team of professionals who will guarantee top-quality services at cost-effective quotes. The car shipping company will take care of all the shipping procedures involved in transporting and delivering your vehicle. In this way, it will be possible for you to concentrate on other essential things while you are moving. Mercury Auto Transport will ensure you of obtaining a service which transports your car with additional care as well as real-time updates plus tracking while moving from one place to another.


5. Montway Auto Transport

As compared to the other car transport companies out there, Montway Auto Transport will be transporting only vehicles. One notable thing regarding this company is that it will provide you with specialized shipment services not only in the US but also in Hawaii. Moreover, the services of this company are quite reasonable as compared to most of the similar transport companies out there. Apart from offering door-to-door pickup as well as delivery, it will also provide instant online quotes. Furthermore, they will also provide you with the opportunity of customizing your shipment by selecting enclosed or open carrier options.


How to get a car shipping quote?

It will be possible to obtain a car shipping quote by coming in touch with a vehicle transport broker. Once the details of the shipment are provided by you, you will be connected to a carrier by the car broker.

How to prepare your vehicle for shipping?

It is your responsibility to prepare your car for the shipment process so that it is able to arrive on schedule. Below we have mentioned the various ways in which you can prepare your car for shipping.


1. Wash the vehicle

It is possible for dirt and grime to hide dents, scratches, and dings. Make sure to wash your car comprehensively prior to shipment. In case the car is clean, you will be able to observe any damage to the vehicle when it arrives eventually.


2. Make the alarm disabled

Make it a point to disable your vehicle’s alarm system so that it does not distract the truck driver whatsoever.


3. Clean the car’s inside

Your automobile might become jostled somewhat while it is being transported. Make sure to clean your car’s interior and get rid of every object which is not secured so as to prevent things from getting tossed around.


4. Check for any leakage

The undercarriage should be checked for any leakage prior to loading your vehicle onto the truck. In case there is any leak, make certain to repair it before shipping.


5. Lock the automobile

Your vehicle should not be opened up until delivery once it has been loaded onto the truck. Make sure to lock it properly.

Car Shipping Cost FAQ

Auto Transport FAQ

1. Is insurance included by the car movers in their estimates?

Although the majority of the car transporters will be including insurance in their estimates, it will be a sensible idea to ask regarding it and whether more insurance can be offered by them at a higher price.


2. Am I going to be charged by size?

Yes. As compared to a compact vehicle, larger trucks, SUVs, and automobiles are going to cost more money.


3. Is it required for me to be present during pickup and delivery?

You might be required by several vehicle transport companies to be present at the time of pickup and delivery for inspection and also signing up for the vehicle’s condition.


4. Are motorcycles also shipped by the vehicle transporters?

You will come across several car shippers who transport motorcycles too.