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How to ship a car to or from Seattle, WA?

Seattle is a coastal city located on the west coast of the United States. It is the county seat of King County, Washington. Seattle is the largest city in the state of Washington and the Pacific Northwest of North America.


The Seattle metropolitan area has a population of 3.98 million, which places it 15th in the United States, according to US Census data released in 2019.


Seattle is a unique city made up of diverse landscapes and natural wonders. With beautiful scenery, peaceful nature to walk around, and plenty of places to spend quiet moments together, Seattle is a great option for a romantic weekend getaway.



Driving conditions

Driving in the city of Seattle, Washington can be difficult due to conditions like – rain, traffic in rush hour, makeshift vehicle lanes taking up too much space, one-way streets in downtown, challenging hills to negotiate, and highways Unpredictable toll roads add to the confusion. Seattle has access to quite a few listings and they regularly appear among the cities with the worst traffic in the country.


Rules of the road

Seattle’s geography, with its hills, lakes, and borders to Puget Sound, presents unique driving challenges.


Rush Hour: Rush hour in Seattle begins at 6:30 in the morning and runs until 9:00 in the evening. Friday is usually the worst day for traffic, but it is not uncommon for it to be interrupted.


If you ride a road regularly, you will see where the movement is slowing down. Some travelers who fly through Seattle schedule their flights from 10 am to 3 pm to avoid expected rush hours.


Avoid cyclists: Seattle has a large number of cyclists, many of whom are responsible and adhere to the rules of road cycling, some of which can be confusing for drivers. For example, in Seattle, bicycles do not have to use a bike lane or side lane, and bicycles can turn left (with traffic flowing) on one-way streets.


One-Way Streets: Parts of Seattle are lined with one-way streets. Seattleites are used to one-way streets and know where to go. However, if you’re new to the city or just visiting, it’s worth using GPS or studying maps beforehand.


When it’s not your turn, solving the problem can be as simple as sitting down and trying again. In some places, especially in the city center, you will pass tons of no-left signs and can discover new parts of the city, and take a lot of time on your travels.


High-Volume Vehicle Lanes: HOV lanes in Seattle require two or more people per vehicle, depending on the highway or time of day. Car, truck and bus pools use high volume vehicle lanes and allow motorcycles to use all heavy vehicle lanes. Direct access ramps allow buses, docks, jets and motorcycles to directly access driveways that take up a lot of space in the middle of the road. It comes from the top of the road or from the bottom up and merges with the lane of space-taking vehicles in the middle.


Toll Lanes: The I-405 Express and 167 SR HOT (High Occupancy Toll) toll lanes are a form of high occupancy vehicle lanes that can also be used by non-high volume drivers and toll drivers. Tolls are adjusted in real time every few minutes based on traffic conditions to keep traffic flowing.


Buses and Bus Lanes – If you are the car directly behind the bus, you will get stuck while everyone behind you goes in the other lane. And when you are driving on the freeway, you don’t think you can ride on your shoulder because you see a bus there. Side bus lanes are dedicated bus lanes that run on specific roads.


Unexpected lane changes – Streets in urban and residential areas often have two lanes. Streets sometimes have one parking space and one lane, but they look suspiciously like a two-lane highway. If you don’t see a bar in the middle, don’t assume the traffic is two cars wide. Watch for drivers who miss this and suddenly slide into a lane when they notice your lane error.


Distracted Driving Law: Washington law makes it illegal to hold a phone while driving, although loudspeaker speaking is allowed. The law also prohibits things like eating, putting on makeup, or shaving while driving.


In case of emergency: Call 911 in case of emergency. Regardless of the number of lanes. If you see an emergency vehicle going off the road in Washington, state law requires you to leave the lane closest to stopped vehicles if you are driving in the same direction. It is safe. If it is not safe, drivers will need to slow down.


Driving in the Pacific Northwest weather

You might think driving in wet weather is very easy in a city where it rains constantly for nine months of the year. Don’t expect this – about half of Seattle slows down significantly on rainy days, leading to traffic and delays. The other half accelerates, becomes aggressive and can slip on the road.


Although snow is rare in Seattle and the rest of Puget Sound, the snow often thaws and refreezes into treacherous ice, and the entire city can be affected. If you don’t know how to drive on snow and ice, the best thing to do is use public transportation.


Driving in Seattle Hills

Keep your speed constant when driving on a steep incline. Press the brake when stopping on a hill, for example, at the traffic light uphill with the same normal pressure.


Park uphill and your front wheels roll onto the curb. When you are standing, park your car and bikes on the sidewalk.


Navigating narrow streets

Many of Seattle’s quaint and historic streets have cars parked on both sides of the street, transforming a one-way street into a one-way, one-car street at a time. Look ahead – if you have room to drive and let the other car pass, you should. Most drivers are educated in these situations because there are not many options.


Fusion on and off the road

Frustrated drivers often jostle in front of you and seem to think they are merging correctly.


Even if it fuses properly waiting for its turn to light the directional beacon, it’s not uncommon for people to refuse to let it in, or even speed up when they see its flash. be patient. There is always someone nice enough to let you drive a few cars along the line.


Seattle parking

Almost all parking spaces in Seattle are subject to a fee, ranging from on-street parking to paying parking fees. If you go to the city center on Sundays, you can park your car for free on the street. After 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, many contracts offer discounted rates. It’s a good idea to bring cash for small unmanned parking tickets or credit card machines.


Driving into the ferry

When loading or arriving and unloading ferries, there can be an influx of cars on Alaska Road. If you are taking a ferry, it is recommended to make a reservation and arrive early to register. Only 10 percent of the ferry’s capacity is reserved for drivers who request it, so you cannot board the ferry depending on the season and sailing schedule.

Seattle Auto transport. How does it work?

Seattle auto transport works in three easy steps:


First step: Quote and send your request.

Here you will receive an offer and a reservation to transfer your vehicle, including all relevant details such as costs, date, place of shipment and ownership.

The second step: we take your car

The car will be received at the agreed place and the delivery date at the agreed place and time.

Third step: get your car


If it’s not an exciting time for you and your car, look forward to it at TransportGator!


Your truck driver will call you when your car is close to home so the two of you can greet you on the driveway (or at an agreed location nearby).

How do I get a quote for Seattle Car Shipping services

You can search online for the best Seattle Car Shipping company with the best deal for vehicle transport and ask them for a quote on how to transport your vehicle. Typically, these companies start with a higher offer and then lower it until the vehicle owner agrees. It could benefit the owner, but since the car carrier is looking for a customer, they may at some point agree on what the customer wants. It is always better to compare offers and services before selecting your operator. It is important that you only contact a trusted carrier to ensure the safety of your vehicle. Don’t forget to follow the company’s checklist to avoid future problems.

Best Settle car transport companies

The following are among the best Seattle Car Shipping companies:


Sherpa Auto Transport

Provides door-to-door car transportation. Offer free online quotes. The price ban promise means your offer will not change. With the Clean Car Guarantee, you get a free car wash after delivery.


Andrew Auto Transport Seattle

It offers cross-border transportation of passengers and commercial vehicles on open and closed carriers. Offers insurance of up to $ 100,000 per vehicle. Freight transportation by car to and from Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Guam.



Offers quick and attached options. Door to door delivery. There is no prepayment. Send cars, motorcycles and boats. The Platinum Protection plan covers damages. Offers personal dealership, vehicle tracking, and free cash quotes.


Seattle curb

We specialize in high quality car transportation services in the United States. Availability of local, remote or international transport. Offers online and by phone.