The Gem State

The State of Idaho settles down in the Pacific, mountain part of the country. Its big part is occupied with rocky mountains, and evergreen picturesque woods because of what staff has received a nickname «Gem state». In its territory grows more than twenty kinds of trees growing in various regions of staff. The main natural sights of Idaho are national reserve USA – «the Lunar crater», the river Snake in the Hells-canyon and the well-known falls of Shoshoni-Fols. These picturesque places draw thousand tourists not only from Europe and other countries of the world, but also many Americans.

At fans of winter sports the main mounting skiing resort of Idaho – Sun Valley uses special popularity. Based in the middle of last century, Sun Valley, is an ideal place for skiing and mountain descents. To this day, here there come many celebrated personalities, politicians, actors, sportsmen. Here for the first time has been used an armchair-lift, subsequently become by an irreplaceable element of service on mounting skiing resorts.

Climate in Idaho rather various. In the winter, in mountain areas, air temperature can fall below thirty degrees, and to rise to +36, 40 in the summer. In lower reaches of the rivers and plains, winter much less cold (air temperature seldom falls below zero), and is considered July most hot month. In cold months in all territory of staff a considerable quantity of deposits, and in the summer, as a rule, drops out the raised humidity is characteristic.

To have a rest in Idaho it is possible at any time year. In the winter you will have a possibility to receive weight of pleasure from contemplation of snow-covered tops and the entertainments connected with winter sports, and to use all advantages of the local nature in the summer, having been engaged in mountaineering or walks on picturesque mountain landscapes. Rest in territory of the State of Idaho differs the variety and a saturation.