South Carolina

The Palmetto State

The State of South Carolina settles down in the southeast USA, at coast of Atlantic ocean. The staff territory is covered by low hills, marshy plains, green woods and picturesque lakes. In those days, when in America the slavery prospered, South Carolina was one of the most succeeding states in the country. Here the clap large quantity was grown up, and numerous black slaves round the clock worked on boundless plantations of region. In vague years of development of the American continent staff often was exposed to an attack of pirates. Legends about those times shroud all coastal cities of staff. One of them is the Charleston. From this city blows as history literally. Houses of times of construction of a XVIII-th century, cobblestone roads and wooden skeletons of Catholic churches as though return a city during an epoch of sea battles, wars for independence and times of conquest of the Wild West.

Frenchmen were the first Europeans who have stepped into these earths, and the city the Charleston became a pioneer settlement based in these parts. In 1663 of the earth of South Carolina have been divided between eight English lords who have received the grounds from English king Charles II. In the end of a XVIII-th century, after the well-known fight at Kaupens, South Carolina has taken over the United States of America. In 1860 of the power of region declared an exit of staff from the American union, in protest at cancellation of slavery and have demanded to return in the order the military facilities which were in territory of a seaport the Charleston. Storm of a fort of Samter, has served as a signal to the beginning of civil war between the North and the South. During military operations the capital of South Carolina – Kolambija almost has been completely destroyed, and also thousand people were lost. In post-war years, the USA many money resources and physical efforts were required to restore the region destroyed by war.

The Feature of South Carolina is absence of modern megacities. All cities of staff represent only small settlements which most part of inhabitants is occupied in agriculture and animal industries. The most popular sea resort of region is Mertl the Scourge. It is located at the Atlantic coast, and its number hardly exceeds thirty thousand persons. Almost all population of a city is occupied in tourism sphere. Small, but comfortable and cozy hotels, sandy beaches, every possible entertainments, shops, bars and restaurants, all day long accept tourists. This place is especially appreciated by the foreigners understanding qualitative rest.

Staff symbol are the well-known Sabalovye of a palm tree growing in all territory of South Carolina. From natural sights of region national reserves Huntington Beachs, the Edisto-scourge, Lake Uoteri, Hajting Ajlend and a picturesque plantation of magnolias, near to Kolambii are allocated. From historical places of special attention the capital Capitol, memorial park Bettori, Fort Samter, lock Pikni and a field of historical fight – Kaupens deserve. Cultural and historical value of South Carolina is difficult for overestimating. Annually here there come thousand tourists, including visitors from other states of America to pay a tribute of history of this region and to take pleasure in the picturesque landscapes of edge which are so harmoniously entered in general idea about South Carolina.