South Dakota Auto Transport

The Mount Rushmore State

The State of South Dakota settles down around Great Lakes, in the north of the central part of the country. The staff territory is very various and picturesque. Northern and southern direction is divided by the river Missouri forming an original, deep canyon, harmoniously entered in surrounding landscapes. The east occupy the prairies stretched on many kilometers along the river. In the west there are the wide valleys passing in mountain plateaus directly at border with Canada. Hardly well-known Black Hills, the representing majestic hills towering over area of Great Plains to the north settle down. Indians have nicknamed these places «Black hills». When earths Black Hills began to be occupied actively there was a serious skirmish between immigrants and local tribes of the Indians, subsequently outgrown in the bloody war which has ended with a victory of Americans and resettlement of numerous American Indian tribes in a reservation.

Part of the USA South Dakota became in the XIX-th century beginning, and to the end of century when in mountains Black Hills have found a gold deposit, the present wave of “subjugators of the Wild West» and fans of an easy money here has rushed. For today South Dakota is considered agricultural staff where animal industries and the tekstilno-industrial industry also are developed. An administrative center and staff capital is the city of Pierre. It very much the smallest capital city among all states of America. Its number hardly more than thirteen thousand persons. The big city of region considers the Sou-folz. It is curious that in it lives more than ninety percent of the white population.

Among not numerous sights of staff are allocated Badlands National Park and Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Partially, both parks settle down as well in territory of Northern Dakota, therefore are natural and historical property of both states. Badlands National Park represents picturesque high hills, with peaked rocks and the abrupt tops surrounded with greatest in the USA, prairies. Mount Rushmore National Memorial are the mountains Rashmor cut in rocks faces of presidents the countries correcting the USA in different years. This memorial has been erected in honor of 150 – years of the state.

South Dakota doesn’t use huge attention from tourists from Europe and other countries of the world, but here there come visitors from the North America and many other regions of the country. In many respects it is possible to name this staff rather American as here in different degree are bound history, traditions and culture of the North America and the USA in particular. Many descendants of American Indian tribes go to mountains Black Hills that memory of the ancestors violently battling for the independence, with superior forces of the opponent and suffered defeat, but left the bright trace in the history of South Dakota.