Washington, D.C. Auto Transport

The Nation's Capital

How to ship from DC?

Washington is capital USA and the cultural center of all northwest part of the country. As the city name equally with the staff name in which it settles down, Washington together with Dzhorzhdtaunom and several other areas, have been united in district, and at a mention of capital USA, here add letters D and C. Territorially the city costs along northern river banks Potomacs and Virginia and Maryland borders on states. In Washington there is a presidential residence of the White House, and also the centers of branches of the American government. Numerous historical sights, national monuments, museums and memorials are a city integral part. For the majority of Americans Washington is not simply state capital, but also its important cultural and historical part.

One of the main sights of a city is the National avenue which length makes exactly one mile. In its center there is a well-known granite obelisk, height of 169 meters, erected in honor of the first US president, George Vashingtona. At obelisk top, from East side, the inscription is cut: Laus Deo. Every morning, at sunrise, bright sun rays light up these words, as though giving a signal about the beginning of new day. To rise on an obelisk it is possible by means of 896 stone steps or on the lift. From monument top it is possible to admire surrounding city beauty. Opposite to a monument there is a White House and the Capitol. Also along National avenue the memorials devoted to victims of the Vietnamese and Korean war, a building of National archive of the USA and a national memorial of the Second World War are located. Hardly the picturesque, artificial zero harmoniously entered in an architectural ensemble of a city to the south settles down.

Feature of Washington is the big percent of black indigenous population. In many respects it is connected with revolutionary actions of fighters for freedom and slavery cancellation, in the end of the eighteenth century. Those years here there was a center of all liberation movement which many members had black skin color. Among the most interesting places for visiting, in Washington, the museum “Anakostija”, gallery of the Asian art of Arthur Saklera, the National museum of the American art, a museum of Hirshhorn, the Washington Cathedral, East market and the magnificent city zoo, enjoying the person popularity among children of all age enter.

The largest highways of Washington are M-strit and Wisconsin-avenue. In these areas there are numerous boutiques, department stores, the trading and entertaining centers. In the street Adams-Morgan shops with the African souvenirs, many various antique shops and furniture salons are widely presented. As a whole, Washington is fine vacation spot and entertainments. Annually here come hundred thousand tourists from different points of a planet to take pleasure in stay in one of the most succeeding cities of the North America, to get acquainted with history of the USA and to learn culture of this country.