Washington Auto Transport

The Evergreen State

Washington is 42 state of America. It settles down in a northwest part of the country and British Columbia borders on the Canadian province. Before settling of these earths by Europeans, and subsequently arrival here North American farmers, here there lived the tribes of Indians trading in fishery and hunting for whales. For an abundance of greens and a soft warm climate this staff name “evergreen”. As in region there is a capital of the United States, Washington not to confuse the name of a city to staff, to the capital name add abbreviation D.C that “District of Columbia” means.

The big city of staff is Seattle, and capital, the city of Olympia. The west cost of the State of Washington is washed by waters of Pacific ocean. Despite a soft climate, this region it is considered the cloudiest in territory of the USA. Here all about 150 sunny days in a year. On this indicator Washington wins first place in the country. During too time the staff territory abounds with water spaces and a large quantity of green plantings.

The richest and succeeding cities of staff are Washington and Seattle. The most picturesque sights of Seattle are hills of Olimpesa in the west, and spurs of Cascade range in the east. Waters of lake the Lejk-union and the lake Washington channel divide a city into two half. Almost in all areas of Seattle there are interesting constructions, parks, museums, the centers of entertainments and popular shops. One of the most known sights here are the city Aquarium which is in the center of quay of Seattle, business area with refined skyscrapers of Kolambija-Senter and Smith-Tower, and also area the Voljuntir-park abounding with expensive private residences and shone neon signboards of shopping centers and discos.

Staff chief town is the country capital – Washington. This city isn’t similar to other megacities of America. Here there is no large quantity of skyscrapers and the vanity peculiar to the majority of big cities of the USA. The country capital shows the large, political and cultural center, with a considerable quantity of museums, refined architectural constructions and historical sights. Washington reminds one of the European capitals, so prudish more, rational and strict it seems its external shape.

The State of Washington takes a special place in state life. Its history, culture and rich traditions are identified with general idea about America in the opinion of other world. Annually here come hundred thousand foreigners, therefore, in some measure it is possible to name this staff international. Having visited these places it is possible to draw easily own conclusion that the United States of America are.