Wyoming Auto Transport

The Equality or Cowboy State

Wyoming is in the west of the USA and enters into group «mountain states» the countries. It differs extraordinary low population density and a small amount of inhabitants. In territory of Wyoming lives hardly more than 532 thousand persons, and the largest settlement is the city of Cheyenne named in honor of the American Indian tribe with the same name. Staff landscapes shake by the beauty, and wild prairies remind of the reason on which Wyoming name cowboy’s staff. Red sand, picturesque mountain lakes, severe rocky tops and an abundance of the mountain antelopes occupying local places, create unique atmosphere of greatness of the wild nature.

The main sights of staff are Yellowstone National Park, mountain peak Devils Tower National Monument, and one more natural reserve – Grand Teton National Park. Yellowstone National Park it is well-known for the numerous geysers, riches of habitat and picturesque landscapes. It is the first natural reserve in territory of the USA. It has been opened in 1872. Devils Tower National Monument is a mountain eminence of the volcanic origin, the unusual form. Its height above sea level exceeds 1500 meters, and the age is estimated in billions years. Devils Tower it is considered an informal symbol of state of Wyoming. Grand Teton National Park settles down in the western part of staff and represents majestic hills with snow-covered tops.

The basic sources of the income in region are oil extracting and tourism. Natural reserves enjoy wide popularity, both among Americans, and of foreigners, in thousand coming to Wyoming that the eyes to see magnificent landscapes of national parks and to take pleasure in travel on the wild earths on which till now still there live tribes of Indians.

In a staff chief town – Shajene, is located a museum devoted to times of development of the Wild West. Hundreds old saddles, vans and other attributes of a camp life of those years are exposed on museum show-windows. Besides every summer here passes the festival, called to recover memoirs and to return for a long time forgotten times. These days in a city pass parades of cowboys, masters of Rodeo show the art, horse competitions are held. Wyoming receives visitors at any time year, and friendliness of local residents knows no limit.